The Skinny:

Rolin Moe is a recent graduate of Pepperdine University’s doctoral program in Learning Technologies through the Graduate School of Education and Psychology.  He is the President and Chief Consultant for RAM TEC Consulting, and has worked with organizations such as Duke University’s Talent Identification Program, Thesys International and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum to establish and scaffold authentic learning experiences online and off-line.  He is an award-winning blogger and a featured author on topics surrounding educational technology, online learning and the future of higher education, his list of publishings including Hybrid Pedagogy, MindShift and eCampusNews.  Prior to his consulting work, Rolin was the head of academic media & technology at Park Century School, a private school for children with learning disabilities.

The Longer:

My work endeavors to create and support authentic interactive experiences for learners.  This manifests as an educator, a researcher, a speaker, a writer, a consultant and an instructional designer.

I have taught in formal and non-formal spaces, and have designed learning experiences in formal, non-formal and informal spaces.  15 years of experience in educational environments has led me to work with students age five to 85, in groupings ranging from one-to-one instruction to seminars for over 100.

I work online and offline, and while my primary interest is the augmentation and supplementation that happens between the two, the most important variable in every learning environment is the learner.  Whether I am teaching writing online to students across the country and beyond, or helping a local organization create quality learning experiences for a group of at-risk teenagers, the end goal is always a quality experience for the learning population.

This is a space designed to showcase my work in various projects:   research and scholarship (as of March 2014 I hold an Ed.D in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University), various consulting initiatives in learning development and research, practical realization of cutting-edge trends in open access and educational technology, and digitizing writing instruction.

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  1. fantastic discussion and strong presentation! at the risk of oversimplification- the key (in my opinion ) is affirming and describe the desirable outcomes vs excessive focus on undesirables. long , long ago my drivers’ education instructor admonished us would be drivers to “keep our eyes pointed where we wanted the car to go. . . if you pay too much attention to the shoulder of the road, thats exactly where you’ll end up” jerry konohia

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