What we talk about when we talk about higher education.

It is important for the powerful work happening in educational institutions around the globe to be shared with a wider audience, not only as case study but as philosophy, theory & pedagogy. Here is a selection of my work bridging the worlds of teaching, scholarship & service with our larger communities.

Making 'Academic Innovation' Meaningful

(May 15, 2018 - Inside Higher Ed) Calls to create a discipline around the term risk reinforcing existing problems with how it is used -- and misused -- in higher education.

The MOOC is not dead, but maybe it should be

(April 3, 2018 - Wonkhe) Five years after the New York Times anointed 2012 as the Year of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Udacity – the company founded by Sebastian Thrun, the self-described forefather of MOOCs – pronounced them dead.

Future Trends in Technology & Education Webisode

(February 24, 2018) Innovation in education: friend or foe? In this episode, Bryan Alexander and I discuss the problems and opportunities with basing higher education policies at local, state and federal levels within the auspices of innovation.

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