Using online tools to our advantage

If education is in part about helping people learn about the things they don't yet know they love, the goal of every learning environment must be to foster connections and networks of people, information and interactions. My work as an administrator, researcher and instructor is grounded in the importance of the environment in which learning happens. Here is a selection of work I have had the privilege to coordinate in this endeavor.

Emergent Scholar dot Info

Launching in July 2018, Emergent Scholar is a learning resource for higher education faculty, staff and administrators about the landscape of scholarship today, and the potential to identify, assess and reward work in alignment and moving forward the vision coming from Ernest Boyer's Scholarship Reconsidered

Academic Research Foundations: Quantitative

In the Spring of 2017 I partnered with in developing their very first course content designed as supplement to higher education courses. The flow of Foundations of Academic Research: Quantitative allows a learner to follow an asynchronous progression for greater understanding, but each resource is also desgined to easily be abstracted and placed into an instructor's curriculum, a concept review, a library guide or a learning gaps primer.

Common Tone Arts

A public-private partnership consisting of arts organizations, higher education institutions and professionals across the creative spectrum, Common Tone Arts supports learning and growth through numerous research-backed learning principles: open textbooks, supplemental material for knowledge gaps, networked participation, camps, institutes and a growing digital initaitive to further engage the digital arts side of the digital humanities.

More Environments